Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DC Drawings/Photos


Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Dogs

I recently visited DC. I stayed at the home of former friend-of-a-friend, current friend, Nadav Rindler, who encouraged me to paint something on his wall. I was inspired by the profusion of bicycles in the house, and painted this with some house-paints in the closet.

Former friend, current friend-of-a-friend Mike Runey shown for scale

 In keeping with the theme of dogs, here are some photographs of dogs I have recently met:

Balta- deaf, slow, blind in one eye. The ravages of old age have not extinguished her cuteness.

George, a neighbor dog, caressed by a polylingual Venezuelan in cat ears.

Roo, encountered in DC's Meridian Park. Born with a nonfunctional rear leg, the vets went ahead with an amputation while she was a puppy. The owner says that despite her handicap, Roo can still outrun most of the dogs at the dog-park.

Rosebud, the puppy living at my house. A creature of high energy and little self-control.