Friday, November 8, 2013

Drawings on the Move

Dancing in Donetsk
Robert Lang asleep, perhaps dreaming of the girl he met in the bar the previous night

    We were hanging outside a convenience store in Donetsk and this old guy approached and noticed a green balloon. He kicked it. The balloon bounced. The man casually but persistently kicked this balloon around. When the wind would blow the balloon across the street, the old guy would follow and bring it back. When it got trapped behind a trash can, he gently pried it out with his foot. For 15 minutes, we stood and watched. Then the man turned towards the street like there was something he needed to do, and continued on his way. 

Sleeping in the train

   In Lviv, we were drinking hot chocolate, and we heard a big bang and saw green smoke around the corner. Patricia guarded our bags while Kyla and I went to investigate. In a central square, there were people chanting and holding long heavy flags horizontally, like 2x4s, over their heads. Other green and white flags shot out from the crowd or out of apartment windows. Someone told us it was a football rally.
   Our friend Peter was there. He noticed some red and black flags waving with the rest- that wasn't a football team, but the flag of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, a group that fought for Ukrainian independence during World War II but was also implicated in some nasty instances of ethnic cleansing.
   Smoke bombs dropped and everyone ran for cover. They played the team from Kharkiv and I'm pretty sure they won, but I don't remember exactly.

Hungry creature, drawn under the influence of a shit mood

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