Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fake Flowers

Ukrainians adore fake flowers. For marriages, deaths, and holidays I don't exactly understand, they are in abundance. They're sold by Sveta, the most flamboyant lady in Novoarkhanhelsk- cheetah print fur coats, hot pink jellyfish hats.. she's electric. She's right in the middle of the main street, and is one of those rare vendors who is not sitting and staring mutely ahead. People are buying.

The logical conclusion of this passion: monumental floral vaginas. Go into any cemetery and you will see these things, big, screaming red, rimmed in silver ribbons and plastic pine garlands. Sometimes there's a several of them pushed together, with even more pine, ribbon, and silk flooding in between them. They make an impression, and they will survive the cruelest winter.

More modest graves:

 Sveta, the fake flower lady (she'll also hook you up with some dope fireworks):

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